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Saint Tropez

The most celebrated and well-known town on the French Riviera – Saint Tropez ! Popular with celebrities and jet-setters alike, this town is famous for its parties celebrations throughout the summer season and indeed the rest of the year.

St Tropez is not, however, limited to celebrities. A visit to old village of Saint-Tropez remains an exciting and enriching experience. Wander the streets and weave in and out of the village’s many art galleries and exhibitions. Take a visit to the St Tropez, where you are sure to find the most luxurious yachts in the French Riviera.

For the history lovers, a visit to the old parish of Ramatuelle is highly recommended. This little village was built in the 9th century to protect the city against the pirates who were terrorizing the coast. The remains of the ramparts exist to this day, in excellent condition.

St Tropez remains relatively isolated as a town, which necessitates some sort of vehicle to get there. For this reason, Easy Car Booking suggests a rental car to access this beautiful little town. A luxury car rental could be just your thing, to ride into St Tropez in style in a sports car, and enjoy a luxurious trip in this famous town. Book your rental car now by contacting us by email or telephone!