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Corporate event car rentals

- Friday 3 June 2011

Are you planning a meeting, a business event, or convention in the French Riviera? Easy Car Booking can help to make your business event a true success.

We understand that choosing a car rental company for your corporate events can be difficult, which is why  we are offering you a simple, easy-to-use service to give you some peace of mind. Easy Car Booking is dedicated to providing our business customers with reliable, flexible, excellent quality transportation. We can offer you a personalized service and a customized program to meet your needs and find you the most convenient car rentals for your business event.

Looking for a good corporate car rental deal? We can work together to ensure that you get the best possible deal for your company, offering you special low rates and discounted car hire for multiple car rentals.

We hire our cars to under 21s. As long as you are 18 or over, you can rent a car for your business needs with Easy Car Booking. Are you looking for a car with low fuel consumption? A professional luxury car rental? Limousine hire? Electric cars or chauffeured luxury vehicles? Thanks to our diverse fleet of cars, we have everything you will need to find your ideal business car hire.

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